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The department trains bachelors of full-time training in the specialty 122 – “Computer Science” on the educational program “Computer Science”, on the specialization “Project Management in the field of Information Technologies”, as well as masters of full-time and correspondence courses in the specialty 122 – “Computer Science” on the educational program “Project Management in the field of information technology”.


The Department of Strategic Management was established in 2000. In 2001, for the first time in the Kharkov region, training was opened at the department for specialists, and since 2003, training of masters in the specialty 'Project Management' was opened. Since 2008, the department led the preparation of bachelors in the direction of 'Computer Science'. Since 2016, the department has been preparing bachelors and masters in the specialty 122- 'Computer Science'.

Head of the Department of Strategic Management, prof., Doctor of Technical Sciences I.V. Kononenko - laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology, deputy director of the Institute of Machines and Systems of the Ministry of Industrial Policy and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (1993-2002), National Expert UNIDO (1995-1996), Author of a number of books on forecasting And strategic management. He has extensive experience in conducting training seminars for entrepreneurs, government representatives in the framework of international programs USAID, AED and others, has led a number of projects on the formation and improvement of company development strategies, the introduction of balanced scorecards, project management and project portfolios.

The department unites specialists with many years of experience in the field of creating models, methods, information technology forecasting, strategic management, portfolio management, programs, projects. The department staff has significant experience in consulting and conducting trainings for business structures and authorities.

Scientific areas:

The staff of the department is working in the following areas:

- creation of models, methods, information technologies for the formation and implementation of portfolios, programs, projects;

- development and implementation of strategies for the development of enterprises in various sectors of the economy;

- the creation of methods and information technologies for long-term forecasting of socio-economic processes on a national, regional, enterprise scale;

- preparation and expert evaluation of business plans and investment projects in accordance with the requirements of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

- Introduction of project, program and portfolio management technologies at enterprises;

- advanced training of managers in the field of high technology management.

Graduating specialties and educational programs:

Full-time bachelors of studies: specialty 122- “Computer Science”, educational program “Computer Science”, specialization “Project Management in the Field of Information Technologies”,

Masters of full-time and correspondence courses: specialty 122- 'Computer Science', educational program 'Project Management in the Field of Information Technologies'.


The department collaborates with leading IT companies. Students regularly attend practice and
gain experience and knowledge in real-life projects. Graduates with a good level
of knowledge offers internships and future employment.




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